Our aim is simple: uncensored, totally biased, and completely opinionated articles on comics, comic culture, and all the other popular art mediums surrounding it.

We’ve all had to deal with poorly written comics, bad art, cheesy dialogue, one dimensional characters, unoriginal storylines, and other injustices to the graphic art medium. It’s a part of being a reader–not everything you read will be good. In fact, some things will be quite terrible. But we keep on reading, keep on searching to find the gems hidden among the trash.

Thus, this blog Destroy the Comics. We’re just 4 guys who are comic book and popular media enthusiasts. And we wanted to share our thoughts. No big deal.

This should go without saying, but obviously every article is the author’s own opinions. Sometimes we disagree with each other. Sometimes we don’t. But the person saying it is speaking for themselves unless otherwise noted.

Our Mission

So we’re starting a blog. It’s about comics and related things in the ‘nerd’ culture. That means movies, games, television shows, and culture. We will examine, review, report, and analyze on theses subjects of popular media and arts. No pretenses of fair and balanced coverage–when you’re looking at entertainment it’s all a bit of an opinion. We’re all biased in some way or another. We’re just trying to share honest, well written thoughts in our opinions, and hopefully entertain a few people along the way.

We are not here to lie to you. We’re here to break down the bullshit and take down the hype.

We’re Destroy the Comics, and we are going to write what we want.

Who Are We?

sunny mui profile photo

Sunny Mui

Head of Web Wizardry, Editor in Chief

San Jose, CA


He’s worked in restaurants, startups, business blogs, and is now striking out on his own to do design and web development. He’s got degrees in English Literature and Marketing, with professional coursework project management and in web development (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Python) plus a passion for lifelong learning. Experience in UX, UI, design, web development, content management, marketing, social media marketing, and more–a real big hat wearer of sorts.

You’ll find him writing (either a short story, an article, or some code) or investigating to the bottom of some interesting research on most days of the week.

daryl pebenito profile photo

Daryl Pebenito

Professional Cool Guy and Writer

Newark, CA


A creative wiseguy who has worked in somewhat large companies like Google and Facebook, in addition to a more distant past in the athletic gear industry.

A hot off the press graphic designer who’s got fresh ideas that are even hotter. Specializing in photography, Illustration, lettering and packaging design. Left California State University East Bay with nothing but diploma in hand looking to redesign the world for the better.

So if you’re in need of a friend who is into doing totally normal human type things or some graphic/artistic work–if you’re not afraid of some different, unorthodox, and totally awesome dude to help–this is your man.

andrew profile pic

Andrew the Angry

Professional Angry Man and Writer

Somewhere, EARTH


A classically trained artist who has been drawing, painting, and art-ing on any number of mediums since he was just a mini-Andrew. He went through serious artistic schooling throughout adolescence, moving on to a university fine arts program later on. He has experience working in a whole host of different jobs, from almost every industry dealing with people’s BS–he’s done it all and learned from every experience. Now he’s ready to hunt down tributes before they kill each other in their ignorant youth.

He’s currently working on his own comic, a little bit of a western yarn.

alex urena profile photo

Alex Urena

Wicked Chill Dude and Writer

Portland, OR


A radically chill guy who took a plunge and moved out into the great Northwestern wilderness of Portland from the SF Bay Area. He’s currently working with artisan glassmakers in producing the raw material for American’s Next Top glass-thingy. Passionate about comics, you can find him at a local con or schmoozing with some artists for the new hot fire graphic novels.