Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review – Uncharted 4.5 Mapquest Boogaloo

A Legacy Not Lost Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was marketed as a new kind of Uncharted game. The Lost Legacy was pitched to gamers as an Uncharted game focused on open world adventure and gameplay. With the rising success of many sandbox style games, Uncharted seemed to be very well suited to the open world […]

Netflix’s Death Note Movie Review – Everything is Just a Little Bit Off

Death NOT Warning: Spoilers to Follow Warner Brother’s adaptation of a Japanese manga, Death Note, follows more closely along to its source material than I expected. They keep all the awkward names and it’s littered with references left and right. At the same time, the 2017 adaptation comes off as inconsistent in various ways, such […]

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Review + Tips – A Huuuuuuge Waste of Time, In a Fun Way

Total Magikrap. Back in May, Nintendo released a Pokemon across the mobile platform. That game is Magikarp Jump. Being a fan of all things Pokemon, I decided to give it a try out of boredom and curiosity. Basically Magikarp Jump is a virtual aquarium on your phone where you raise the worst iconic Pokemon to […]

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Fantasy Strike: A Fighting Game Noobs and Pros Can Play Together

  First, how about you check out a short gameplay snippet of Fantasy Strike? Catch these Hands, Feet and Fireballs! This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend EVO in Las Vegas. EVO Championship Series is the World’s biggest international tournament for fighting games. Players from all over the world came to compete in […]

Interview With a Guy Who Liked Spiderman Homecoming (Spoiler Free)

3rd Time’s a Charm? Spider-Man Homecoming just came out the other day and has been getting massive praise. Let’s find out if Spider-man’s third translation to the big screen is a charm by asking a local enthusiast. I will be interviewing myself in this article where I give you just enough information for you to […]

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC – Don’t Loadable Content or Do Loadable Content?

Still Nintendo Switch’s #1 Game in my Book It’s been a solid four months since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been released now. Now that every cave, canyon, and mountain has been explored we have ventured onto other games like Mario Kart and Arms. The Switch’s top game is an experience […]

Arms: A 2nd Day Review

Bringing Out the Arms… So Nintendo’s newest franchise, Arms just released. I’ve maybe put a solid 9 hours or play or so. That being said, I’ve played pretty much all it has to offer. Yes, it plays like an arcade fighter. You fight ten characters in succession and you beat all of them and fight […]

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Doggy Cosplay: 14 Dog Costumes at Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 [Gallery]

We went to a cosplay contest for dogs and we found a bunch of cute dog costumes. Silicon Valley Comic Con feels like home to many attendees who come dressed in full cosplay outfits. That doesn’t mean only humans dress up because lazy attendees who don’t really wanna dress themselves up can just torture their canine […]