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berserk 2016 us blu ray cover

Berserk 2016 Uncensored: Jan 2018 US Blu Ray Release, Better Animation

I'm a sucker for Kentarou Miura's Berserk and its epic bloody battles in a dark fantasy setting. Back in 2016, a new Berserk anime series debuted, marking the series' return to animated form. One of the main criticisms leveled at ...
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ecoin logo superimposed over stock image, darkened for readability

The Mr. Robot Ecoin Promo – Hail Corporate & Free Stuff From Ecoin Perks!

Back in October, during the most recent New York Comic Con, I walked past what looked to be a corporate bank signup table--the kind you'd see in any general audience outdoor festival or farmers market slinging checking accounts and credit ...
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nycc party guide with nycc logo over a scene of people partying

The Most Complete NYCC 2017 Party Guide + Events List

[UPDATED ON 10/2/17 - CHECK THURS, FRI, SAT, SUN] Going to New York Comic Con this year? I am and I'm a bit of a party nerd so I was looking for the NYCC nightlife, but there really wasn't any ...
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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review – Uncharted 4.5 Mapquest Boogaloo

A Legacy Not Lost Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was marketed as a new kind of Uncharted game. The Lost Legacy was pitched to gamers as an Uncharted game focused on open world adventure and gameplay. With the rising success of ...
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Netflix’s Death Note Movie Review – Everything is Just a Little Bit Off

Death NOT Warning: Spoilers to Follow Warner Brother's adaptation of a Japanese manga, Death Note, follows more closely along to its source material than I expected. They keep all the awkward names and it's littered with references left and right ...
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